COVID-19 Franchising Update – Buy With Confidence

The world has become acutely aware of the impact and effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) on not only the cruise industry, but the travel industry as a whole. On a larger scale, the global impact has far surpassed what any of us could have imagined just a few short weeks ago. As an organization not only full of passionate travelers, but more so as fellow human beings, we cannot help but think of all those impacted, and hope that you and your family continue to stay safe and healthy.

As the world’s leading travel brand, we at Expedia are closely monitoring the situation day by day. Along with all of our tremendous travel supply partners, we, and our more than 300 Franchise Partners throughout North America, are already planning for the eventual recovery and travel boom that will occur once this passes. In times of uncertainty, we often look to others for answers, so we have dedicated this page to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the impact of COVID-19 on the Expedia Franchise process. We are truly confident that there is light at the end of the tunnel and would love to do our part in helping you achieve your franchising dreams. And yes – that is still possible, because after all, as Expedia Chairman Barry Diller always says, “If there is life, there is travel”.

Why Is Now the Right Time to Buy an Expedia Franchise?

While the world is on pause, it is important to note the overall resiliency of the travel industry. Having been in business for over 32 years, Expedia has been through a number of similar situations, including 9/11, the SARS outbreak, the H1N1 Pandemic, Zika virus, and many more global crises that have impacted people throughout recent years. After every single one of these crises, the cruise industry, and travel industry as a whole, has bounced back stronger than ever.

In a letter to the customers of our 300 franchise locations, our President Matthew Eichhorst echoed the following sentiments: “We encourage you to let your dreams of travel give you a sense of hope and something to look forward to. Here’s to the days to come when you will create new memories, voyage to new lands and experience unique adventures around the world. When that time comes, we’ll be here to help you plan your extraordinary air, land and sea vacations.”

Travelers are passionate about seeing and experiencing the world. In times like this, the desire to travel doesn’t go away, but the world tends to take a pause. This creates pent-up demand and when the crisis inevitably subsides, the strength and resources of Expedia allows our franchisees to take advantage of the uptick in consumer demand and steal market share through our world-class marketing, technology, and customer service.

Most importantly, the franchise discovery journey for a candidate, from inquiry to opening their doors, takes roughly 6-9 months. This development window allows candidates the perfect opportunity to build the foundation of their business now, while opening their retail travel center just in time for the resurgence of travel demand.

Key Highlights of an Expedia Franchise:

  • Expedia Cruises is a full-service leisure travel agency helping customers book Cruise Vacations, All-Inclusive Resorts, Coach & Rail Tours, Vacation Packages, Homes & Villas, Insurance, Flights, Hotels, and Activities
  • Demand for expertise is more valuable than ever as travel agents are up-to-date on travel advisories, new policies and rules, and can answer any other travel questions you may have
  • Build equity in a scalable retail business, backed by the buying power of the largest and most recognized brand in travel
  • Benefit from a brick and mortar proven franchise system offering more than 30 years of success
  • Funding and financing options available to franchisees, allowing them access to their cash receivables earlier