What Does Expedia Cruises Offer Customers?

A love for travel is, and will always be, something that unites us as humans. Whether it’s exploring a city in your own backyard or traveling across the world to an off-the-beaten-path destination that you’ve only ever dreamt of, there is something profoundly fulfilling about embarking on that next great adventure.

If there is life, there is travel” – Barry Diller, Expedia Chairman

Cruise Vacations

It’s no surprise that cruise is our bread and butter – there’s a reason we have it in our name! The cruise industry is a vibrant and thriving sector that offers a unique and exciting vacation experience for millions of travelers worldwide. With luxurious ships and a wide array of destinations, the cruise industry has long captivated the imaginations of adventure seekers, families, and relaxation enthusiasts alike. Cruise passenger volume is expected to reach 30 million by 2024 and 85% of travelers who have cruised before say they will cruise again (CLIA). This upward trajectory is also projected to continue well past 2026.

According to CLIA, 70% of cruisers choose to book their vacation with a travel agent. Or better yet, a cruise specialist who can navigate through the sea of options available to today’s cruisers. With so many destinations, ships, and staterooms to choose from, more and more travelers are looking for expert, in-person advice from a trusted professional. Plus, cruise lines continue to invest billions of dollars to meet the expected demand for cruise vacations, with an impressive 60+ new ships still planned to enter the market between now and 2028.

In recent years, cruise lines have led the way in responsible tourism by embracing innovation and enhancing their sustainability practices. They’ve not only invested billions of dollars on environmentally friendly technologies and practices in their pursuit of net carbon neutrality by 2050, but they’ve also taken steps to support communities and promote cultural preservation in the destinations they visit. From implementing advanced waste management systems to utilizing cleaner energy sources and collaborating with local communities, the industry is actively working towards reducing its ecological footprint, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the wonders of cruising.

Land Vacations

At Expedia Cruises, we are more than cruise. Although we are cruise specialists, our land vacation options are vast and are rapidly becoming a larger segment of our sales. As a full-service leisure travel agency, our franchisees reap the benefits of secured partnerships with our Preferred Land Partners.

Each Expedia Cruises’ franchise location offers customers the ability to book All-Inclusive Resorts, Coach & Rail Tours, Vacation Packages, Homes & Villas, Travel Insurance, Flights, Hotel, Car, and Activities. You can rest assured that we’ve partnered with the best to offer customers tailored land vacation tours and packages to meet their every want and need.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Expedia Cruises’ franchisee and Vacation Consultants help customers with All-Inclusive Resorts offered through all Tour Operators in the USA and Canada. From small boutique resorts to midsized and larger properties, our franchisees and Vacation Consultants are experts at delivering the perfect all-inclusive getaway!

Coach, Land & Rail Tours

Another fantastic alternative to a cruise vacation is a coach or rail tour. Offered through a variety of contemporary and luxury Tour Partners, Expedia Cruises’ franchisees and Vacation Consultants can offer customers a rich selection of private tours and small group tours. Whether your customer is seeking culturally-rich tours of ancient cities, a breathtaking train ride through a majestic mountain pass, or a thrilling activity-filled getaway – there is a tour or package for everyone regardless of budget, interests, or age group.

The Complete Vacation

“The Complete Vacation” model is how Expedia Cruises’ centers create customers for life. The Complete Vacation is made up of five products:

  1. Cruise or Land Package – Vacation Consultants are experts at recommending the right cruise or land vacation by listening to the needs and wants of each customer
  2. Air – Vacation Consultants ensure that customers enjoy a seamless flight to and from their destinations
  3. Hotels & Transfers – Vacation Consultants ensure that customers start and end their vacation on a high note
  4. Excursions – Vacation Consultants help create lasting memories by assisting customers in booking the ideal excursions
  5. Insurance – Vacation Consultants ensure that customers are protected and have peace of mind during their entire trip

Add-ons such as air, hotel, excursions, and insurance are not only a great way to provide your customers with the complete vacation, but also reduces the likelihood of cancellations by making bookings “stick”.