The Importance of Attending Discovery Day

Last updated on July 3rd, 2024

Completing your due diligence includes attending Discovery Day

With a multitude of franchise opportunities available today, finding the right franchise fit has never been more important. One of the final steps in any franchise education process is attending Discovery Day to get a glimpse into the corporate values and culture you’re considering joining forces with. When attending Expedia Cruises’ Discovery Day, we emphasize that this is the opportunity to confirm that we’re the right match for each other as we continue to grow our franchise throughout North America.

What is Discovery Day?

After spending weeks having regular calls with one of our Franchise Advisors, and making your way through our franchise education process, you’ll have a strong understanding of the Expedia franchise opportunity. At this point, if both parties feel that Expedia Cruises may be the perfect fit for you, we’ll invite you to join us in beautiful Vancouver, Canada to spend the day with us at Discovery Day. It’s the last step in the process, and arguably the most important stage, before making the decision to proceed with owning and operating your own Expedia Cruises location. Attending Discovery Day is the culmination of your education on the Expedia franchise opportunity, and it marks the final step in your due diligence. By the end of the day you’ll have a complete understanding of our franchise opportunity and whether it’s the right match for your business ownership goals, as well as your lifestyle.

Why Attend Discovery Day?

While in Vancouver, you’ll meet our dedicated 100+ corporate support team who are committed to providing the best tools and systems for our franchisees to lead and develop their team of Vacation Consultants so that they can best serve their customers. We strive for Discovery Day to be interactive so we encourage you to ask those burning questions throughout the day. This ensures that we’ve filled any gaps in your due diligence so that you have all the information needed to make an informed decision. During the day we’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about your background and also learn more about what motivates you in your quest to build a profitable and valuable business.

What to Expect When Attending Discovery Day

Attending Discovery Day is an important step in your due diligence.

When you join us for Discovery Day, we’ll spend a full day together with presentations from our President, Matthew Eichhorst, members of our Leadership Team, as well as Subject Matter Experts. This informative day is designed to be interactive and affirm everything you’ve learned so far, while allowing us to dive deeper into our proven system. Another important element of Discovery Day is our one-on-one break out sessions where you will be paired up with a member of our Leadership Team or a Subject Matter Expert. During this session you will be discussing your interest in Expedia Cruises in greater detail, along with your aspirations as a franchisee. At the end of the day, we like to end our time together with an in-house social with members from the corporate team, as well as your fellow Discovery Day attendees, for a complete introduction to our Stronger.Together® culture at Expedia Cruises.

How to Prepare for Discovery Day

1. Complete your research – Completing all steps in our education process, prior to attending Discovery Day, will ensure you have a strong foundation and understanding of the Expedia Cruises franchise opportunity.

2. Make a trip out of it – With our head office based in Vancouver, Canada, it’s a great excuse to extend your stay following Discovery Day. Enjoy all the incredible sights our world-class city has to offer and who knows, perhaps even a cruise is in your future from one of the top cruise ports in the world!

Expedia Cruises Corporate Office is located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada

3. Ask the question – We encourage attendees to ask questions throughout the day (even the tough ones!). Discovery Day is the perfect opportunity to ask the expert in-person, and get the answers you need to be confident in your final decision.

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Choosing the right franchise is all about fit! Meeting the team in person, that you’ll be joining forces with as a franchisee, is hugely important. Each month, our team looks forward to meeting potential franchisees at our Discovery Day and putting a face to your name and voice. At Expedia Cruises, we’re committed to helping our franchisees achieve their goals as successful business owners, and strong leaders, serving their community by navigating spectacular vacation experiences.

If you’re ready to begin the Expedia Cruises discovery process, and attend Discovery Day in the coming months, fill out the form here. You can also learn more through this six step overview of our retail travel agency franchise opportunity here.