The 7 Most-Anticipated Cruise Ships of 2024

Last updated on July 3rd, 2024

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The world of cruise travel is on the cusp of a new era, marked by groundbreaking innovations and unparalleled luxury. This year introduces a fleet of ships that are not just means of travel, but destinations in themselves. Are you ready to discover which of these floating paradises will be the backdrop for your next unforgettable journey? Let us take you on a virtual tour of these magnificent vessels, each promising an ocean adventure like no other. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a gourmet foodie, or in search of a serene escape, the new ships of 2024 offer something for everyone.

Let’s set sail and discover the extraordinary experiences waiting for you on the high seas!

Icon of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International

Embarking on its maiden voyage in late January 2024, Icon of the Seas proudly takes its place as the world’s largest cruise ship. This Royal Caribbean masterpiece offers an array of vast and exciting experiences – from the largest Waterpark at sea with six record-breaking slides to unprecedented ice performances, vibrant nightlife, exquisite dining, and much more. While we can’t showcase all its wonders here, we’ll certainly give you a glimpse of the extraordinary.

Icon of the Seas features seven pools onboard, making your chances high for finding the ideal spot to simply relax and soak up the sun. Thrill-seekers out there get ready to embark on an adrenaline-packed experience like no other. Conquer the near-vertical slide, Pressure Drop—the first of its kind at sea—or take your courage to new heights on the Crown’s Edge, a skywalk featuring challenging obstacles that suspend you in the air.

Traveling with little ones who may not be ready for daring activities? No worries! Enjoy exclusive access to the Surfside, a family-friendly neighborhood crafted for all-day entertainment. With a specially equipped aquapark for kids, ensure your family’s joy while you relax in the dedicated pool for grown-ups.

As dusk falls, the Icon of the Seas offers unmatched evening entertainment. Witness the AquaDome, the new and transformational neighborhood, a tranquil oasis by day that turns into a visual spectacle with breathtaking shows at night with all-star performers, and immersive digital backdrops that bring fantastic stories to life.

Satisfy your cravings at every turn aboard Icon of the Seas, where diverse dining options are sprinkled across its various neighborhoods. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual grab-and-go or a refined dining experience, this ship has it all. The beloved Lime and Coconut bar is ready to serve your favorite frozen cocktails, and for a truly novel experience, don’t miss Swim & Tonic at Chill Island—the first-ever swim-up bar.

Sun Princess, Princess Cruises

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey aboard the Sun Princess, setting sail in February 2024. This isn’t just any ship – it’s a marvel of innovation and luxury, a floating paradise designed to enchant both seasoned cruisers and newcomers alike.

Breaking new ground, the Sun Princess unveils Park19, an outdoor oasis spanning the top three decks. This innovative space is your ticket to a variety of activities, from the thrilling Sea Breeze Rollglider® to the daring Net Rope course, the awe-inspiring Infinity Horizon Tilt, the adventurous Coastal Climb, a playful Splash Pad, and a scenic lookout. It’s not just a space; it’s an elevated experience awaiting your discovery.

Another star feature is The Dome, a versatile solarium-like area that effortlessly transitions from a sun-soaked lounge during the day to a captivating entertainment venue at night. Complementing its allure is the indoor/outdoor pool, creating a sophisticated day-club ambiance—a perfect setting for relaxation and recreation.

At the heart of the Sun Princess lies The Piazza, a testament to the ship’s dedication to preserving its iconic venues. Traditionally a hub of diverse restaurants and lounges, the Piazza takes on a new dimension with its innovative spherical design, offering sweeping ocean views. This central space not only boasts staples like Alfredo’s, Crooners, and the International Café but also transforms into a dynamic entertainment arena with a rising stage, adding an extra layer of excitement to the ship’s social pulse.

EXPLORA II, Explora Journeys

Embark on a captivating journey with the debut of EXPLORA II, the latest gem in the crown of Explora Journeys. From the very inception of this cruise line, the mission has been crystal clear: to craft an experience where luxury blends effortlessly to the soothing rhythm of the Ocean State of Mind.

EXPLORA II proudly showcases more than 450 Oceanview suites. Each of these rooms radiates European elegance and simplicity, creating a tapestry of harmonious spaces where relaxation, entertainment, and unwinding seamlessly coexist.

This affinity with the ocean extends beyond the suites and permeates every culinary nook on board. Explore a symphony of flavors across six distinctive restaurants and twelve bars. From the chic Emporium Marketplace to the tantalizing tastes of Sakura Marble & Co., the sizzling offerings at Grill Med, and the exclusive allure of Yacht Club, your taste buds are in for a world-spanning treat. Being on board EXPLORA II promises not just a cruise but a truly cosmopolitan culinary adventure.

But there’s more to EXPLORA II than meets the eye. Water takes center stage, with various indoor and outdoor whirlpool baths on the ship’s promenade deck, creating an onboard experience that revolves around the soothing embrace of water.

Explora Journeys is on a mission to create a positive future, embracing groundbreaking technologies that transcend generations. With a pledge to eliminate single-use plastics on board and during land-based experiences, this luxury lifestyle brand is dedicated to leaving a lasting positive impression on both places and people encountered during their ocean journeys.

Queen Anne, Cunard

Embark on a luxurious journey with Queen Anne, the latest addition to the Cunard fleet where modernity and timeless elegance meet. This floating haven promises novel experiences while preserving beloved signature venues.

As you step aboard, the ship envelops you in comfort, adorned with striking interior designs, a rich tapestry of art, and an atmosphere of utter ease. Queen Anne distinguishes itself through a commitment to exclusivity at every level. Each guestroom is a masterpiece, beautifully decorated to make you feel like royalty. As you ascend through room categories, the ship unveils exclusive restaurants with dedicated concierge services, offering a taste of the truly extraordinary.

Queen Anne proudly features the Pavilion, a beloved venue on every Cunard ship. This versatile space, crowned with a retractable glass dome roof, offers you the freedom to tailor your cruise experience to tranquility or excitement. As night descends, the Pavilion undergoes a magical transformation, becoming a captivating venue for open-air theater, cinema screenings, live music, and more.

The newest ship introduces the Pavilion Wellness Studio—a top-deck haven dedicated to Mareel Wellness & Beauty activities. This tranquil space hosts yoga, meditation, and fitness sessions, offering a blissful escape from the ordinary.

After immersing yourself in the boundless luxury and relaxation offered at Queen Anne, your culinary journey awaits you. Indulge in a symphony of flavors, from the vibrant richness of Mediterranean cuisine to the exquisite delights of Japanese fare and other cuisines. Queen Anne elevates the evening experience with the groundbreaking Bright Lights Society, a show bar inspired by historic electric light installations.

Silver Ray, Silversea

Silversea proudly presents Silver Ray, the second addition to the Nova Class fleet. Embarking on its maiden voyage in the summer of 2024, this latest gem promises a cruise where timeless sophistication meets modern charm. Discover the ship’s innovative asymmetrical design, a hallmark feature shared with its predecessor, the Silver Nova.

Aboard the Silver Ray, you’ll discover a fusion of modern spaces and a fresh interpretation of classic elegance—a captivating evolution of style designed with you in mind. For your accommodations, you’ll get to choose from over ten meticulously crafted suites, each providing expansive living areas, panoramic vistas, and sophisticated decor. From the chic ambiance to the breathtaking views, prepare to experience a cruise that sets a new standard for modern elegance.

Embark on a global culinary journey aboard the Silver Ray, where the flavors of Italy, the vibrancy of Asian cuisine, and the sizzling delights of a steakhouse await you. Be sure to explore dining venues like The Grill, La Terraza, Spaccanapoli, and The Marquee. Yet, our top recommendation is The Arts Café—a space that offers more than just food. It’s a cultural experience where you can savor delightful snacks, sip refreshing smoothies, indulge in an array of hot and cold beverages, and relish pastries and sandwiches—all within the inviting ambiance of this light and airy haven.

Experience the transformed serenity of decks 10 and 11 on Silver Ray. With abundant sunbeds, expansive spaces, and the fleet’s largest pool boasting unobstructed 270˚ views. The upper sun deck provides a tranquil escape with stunning views. The highlight? The Cliff Whirlpool—an infinity-edge, glass-fronted masterpiece on The Pool Deck.

Utopia of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

Following the spectacular debut of Icon to the Seas, brace yourself for the grand reveal of Royal Caribbean’s next sensation – Utopia of the Seas, setting sail in the summer of 2024. Royal Caribbean has an unmatched reputation for transforming each ship into a floating playground, ensuring a surplus of exhilarating entertainment. And here’s the exciting part – if you think you’ve seen it all, think again! Royal Caribbean is on a relentless mission to make every cruise your best one yet.

Now, imagine breaking away from your weekday routine. Instead of the typical Monday morning grind getting ready for the office, envision yourself stepping into a world of ultimate excitement. You might think, “I’ll need a week off for this adventure.” Well, you deserve it! But what if you could escape just for the weekend? Fantastic news – aboard Utopia of the Seas during every week of summer 2024, you can have a weekend getaway and immerse yourself in endless entertainment.

Royal’s new masterpiece boasts eight invigorating hot tubs, five expansive pools, a culinary odyssey spanning 21 dining venues, and a visit to the iconic private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay. After soaking up the outdoor fun, venture inside to try your luck in the two vibrant casinos, unwind in the distinct ambiance of 23 bars, or escape the noise and head to the spa. On Utopia of the Seas, you can tailor your experience to match your desires—whether it’s ramping up the thrill or unwinding to the fullest.

Explore the vibrant Caribbean spirit with every sip at the Pesky Parrot bar—a new highlight on Utopia of the Seas. Additionally, embark on a culinary journey like no other at the Train Dining Experience, a unique specialty restaurant that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also transports you to exotic destinations through its distinctive flavor and ambiance.

Utopia of the Seas also comes equipped with beloved Royal Caribbean landmarks. Brace yourself for The Ultimate Abyss, a 10-story plummet that extends 43 feet longer than any before it—the longest dry slide at sea. You can also experience the thrill of the FlowRider, immerse yourself in AquaTheater shows, and enjoy many more familiar favorites.

Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Line

Meet Disney Treasure, the newest gem in the Triton class, following in the magical footsteps of its sister ship, Disney Wish. This enchanting vessel is set to sweep you off on an adventurous voyage starting in December 2024. Dive into the captivating worlds of ‘Coco,’ ‘Zootopia,’ and ‘Aladdin,’ complemented by other beloved Disney attractions. Boasting over 1,200 cabins, Disney Treasure offers accommodations themed to the most iconic Disney movies, including “Encanto,” “Finding Nemo,” “Up,” and “Luca.”

Disney Treasure sets a new bar with not one but three iconic characters taking center stage in the Grand Hall. Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and the animated Magic Carpet come to life in stunning bronze figures. Up on the top deck, the AquaMouse attraction returns with a fresh Mickey and Minnie-themed adventure. And there’s more! The adults-only oasis, Quiet Cove, is back, flaunting its infinity pool, poolside bar, and café for the perfect escape.

Imagine dining in a world of Disney magic! On Disney Treasure, each night of your voyage unfolds with immersive dining experiences at an array of imaginative restaurants. Indulge in a festive fiesta at Plaza de Coco, embark on a top-secret adventure at Worlds of Marvel, or journey back in time at 1923 restaurant—a theme dining experience adorned with memorabilia, celebrating Disney’s most adventurous films and stories.

It’s clear that the future of cruising is brighter than ever. Each ship we’ve explored represents a unique chapter in the evolving story of maritime travel. Whether you’re planning your next holiday or just dreaming of distant shores, remember that these ships are ready to welcome you aboard for the adventure of a lifetime.

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