Determining the Best Expedia Cruises Opportunity For You!

Last updated on July 3rd, 2024

Which travel business opportunity is right for you?

If you’ve made your way here, you probably want to start your own travel business! As part of one of the top travel brands in the world, Expedia Cruises has been providing travel business opportunities for passionate entrepreneurs like yourself for over 35 years!

At Expedia Cruises, we offer two distinct business opportunities! You can choose to become the owner of a retail travel agency franchise in your community, or you can become a Vacation Consultant who is supported by one of our 260+ franchise locations across North America. Each offers it’s own earning potential, time commitment, investment level and lifestyle. The right opportunity for you will depend on a number of factors described in more detail below.

What kind of time commitment are you able to invest in your business?

Vacation Consultant: As a Vacation Consultant with Expedia Cruises, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and come into the Center when, and as often, as you choose to. You can sell travel on a part-time basis or make it a full-time business. You’ll receive support from your local Franchisee, but as an Independent Contractor working on commission only, the hours you put into your business is completely up to you.

Franchisee: As an Expedia Cruises Franchisee, the demands on your time will be more intense. During the first few years while you’re getting your Center built, your team recruited and trained, and your business to profitability, you’ll be working at least a full-time week, likely more.

Do you want to spend most of your time organizing vacations for others?

Vacation Consultant: If you love to plan vacations for your family and friends and want to do that all day long, our Vacation Consultant opportunity is likely the best fit for you. Our Consultants are passionate travelers who love to share their experiences with others. We call them Navigators of Spectacular Vacation Experiences because of their commitment to ensuring every client’s trip is nothing short of perfection.

Franchisee: As a Franchisee with Expedia Cruises, you’ll sell a bit of travel in the beginning while you’re learning the business and training your team, but this will not be the main aspect of your role. Starting a travel agency requires you to wear many hats including recruiter, trainer, coach, marketer, community liaison and sometimes bookkeeper. If you have a business partner, you can trade off responsibilities based on your respective strengths, but in the beginning you should expect to be doing a little bit of everything until your business gets off the ground.

What is your main financial motivator for starting a business?

Vacation Consultant: Many of our Vacation Consultants make a very good living on the commissions they earn selling cruises and vacations; however, the majority of our agents are looking only to earn supplemental income through a business that offers them flexibility and enjoyment. Stay-at-home parents, retirees, or people who simply love to share their passion for travel with others have all chosen to become Navigators of Spectacular Vacation Experiences with us. As part of Expedia Cruises, you’ll be paid industry-leading commissions for each vacation you sell on the date your customers depart on their trip.

Franchisee: For our Franchisees on the other hand, this business is all about building long-term equity. You’ll earn a portion of your Consultants’ commissions in the short-run, but the real goal is to build up a valuable asset so that you can eventually sell your travel business at a sizable profit. The larger your team, sales and database of loyal customers, the more valuable your business will be. Many of our Franchisees who have followed our system have been very successful at building equity in their businesses, including starting, growing and selling multiple locations.

Do you love to lead and coach teams?

Vacation Consultant: If you love being part of a team but not necessarily leading it, our Vacation Consultant opportunity is probably a better fit for you. You’ll still enjoy all the perks that come with being part of a fun working culture in a retail Center, including training and mentorship from your local Franchise Partner as well as your fellow Consultants.

Franchisee: The most important aspect of an Expedia Cruises Franchisee is team leadership. Coaching, motivating and leading a large team of Vacation Consultants to success will be key to building a profitable travel business in your community. Our best Franchisees are natural leaders who love to help others achieve their goals. They facilitate team meetings, create a fun and exciting culture in their Center, and work with each individual Vacation Consultant to set sales targets and build a plan to achieve them.

Do you have access to $292,000 to invest in a retail business?

Vacation Consultant: Starting a travel business either as a Vacation Consultant or Franchisee offer very different earning potentials and corresponding investment levels. Our Vacation Consultants can get started selling travel for as little as $249 in the US or $449 in Canada.

Franchisee: To become an Expedia Cruises Franchisee, the financial requirements are more rigid as it takes time and capital to build a successful retail travel business. To fund your Center build-out and cover working capital during your first year of opening, you can expect to spend between $167,000 – $292,000 depending on your market and the space you open in. If you choose to move forward with our franchise discovery process, we’ll talk to you about financing options and ways you can leverage your retirement savings or home equity to fund your business.

Ready to get started?

Now that you’ve determined which travel business opportunity is right for you, it’s time to take the next step in making it happen!

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