What’s the Value of a Travel Agent?

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023

Four Reason Why Travel Agents Are More Important Than Ever

According to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, consumer use of a travel agent increased nearly eighty percent from 2015 to 2016.

Who’s Still Using Travel Agents?

At Expedia Cruises, a common question our Franchise Development Managers receive is “why invest in a retail travel agency franchise when all travel is booked online?”. We love dispelling this myth because there is an abundance of supporting data to show that travel agents are not only surviving, they are thriving. According to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), 70% of cruisers use a travel agent to book their cruise vacations. Moreover, a research study conducted by the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) found that 27% of all travelers book through a travel advisor and 44% of travelers who have never used a travel advisor in the past, plan to use one once travel opens up after the pandemic.

In today’s digital world the Internet is an incredible resource for researching vacation destinations; however, the abundance of information at your fingertips can quickly become overwhelming. While the web is great when making more straightforward travel bookings for things like flights and hotels; when it comes to booking more complicated, high value travel products like a cruise vacation, the knowledge and one-on-one service from a trusted travel professional is in high demand.

Why Do Cruisers Prefer to Book Through Travel Agents?

Although the past 2 years have seen a decline in cruisers due to the pandemic and ships not sailing, CLIA has projected that global cruise passenger volume will match 2019 levels by end of 2022 and surpass it by 2023, with an upward trajectory each year. With this increase in cruise passengers, as well as over 113 new cruise ships scheduled to debut between now and 2027, not only will there be an enormous demand for cruising but there will now be more options to choose from than ever before. As a result, simply navigating the vacation planning process can be daunting without the right help, which is why a travel agent is more important than ever. Even cruise lines have realized the importance of travel agents to their business and rely heavily on industry leaders like Expedia Cruises to fill their ships. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from top cruise line executives in the video below.

Leveraging the value of a travel agent ensures customers are embarking on the best version of the trip they were intending to book. All of this is great news for our Franchise Owners who count on that exceptional service to build a base of repeat customers to continuously grow their business.

Read on to learn the top three reasons why travel agents are still in demand, especially for booking cruise vacations:

1) Expert Advice

Customers who choose to work with a travel agent get more out of their holiday than they would have had they booked it themselves. At Expedia Cruises, our Vacation Consultants are industry trained professionals who are experts at navigating through the options and asking the right questions to ensure their clients find the right destination, cruise line, ship and stateroom to make their cruise the vacation spectacular. In addition, their expert recommendations for pre and post cruise hotels, onboard amenities, shore excursions, and more are the kinds of details that take a vacation from good, to incredible. Not to mention they’re typically seasoned travelers and cruise enthusiasts who can share their experiences and tips like must-visit galleries, monuments, restaurants, activities and more for destinations around the globe. This knowledge allows them to make educated recommendations based on their clients’ needs to craft the perfect holiday experience they’ve been daydreaming of. We don’t call our Vacation Consultants navigators of spectacular vacation experiences for nothing!

2) Best Value

Many believe that by removing the middleman they will save money on their vacation, but a key benefit of working with a travel agent is that they not only are the often able to secure better fares but they also add value to your vacation. They can save you hours of stressful research and review reading by asking you a few simple questions about what kind of vacation you’re looking for and guiding you in the right direction with their industry knowledge. Plus, by being a part of Expedia Cruises and the largest travel brand in the world, our Vacation Consultants are able to provide clients every cruise option from the popular selection to luxury, ocean and river – all at Expedia prices. Because of our massive buying power, our clients often receive other exclusive extras like bonus onboard cash credits, stateroom upgrades, reduced deposits and more! Travelers who work with our Vacation Consultants enjoy the best of two worlds: they reap the rewards of Expedia pricing, but also feel confident in their booking knowing their itinerary has been designed by a real person with their needs in mind.

3) Personal Relationship 

Working with a travel agent brings back the human component of sales that is few and far between in this day and age. Our retail travel agency model provides an opportunity for our Vacation Consultants to get to know their customers and build a relationship where they can provide them with the best service for their needs. At Expedia Cruises, clients can choose to visit their local Center for an in-person consultation or reach out by email, phone or by booking directly on their Consultant’s website. As travel is considered a highly prized purchase by most consumers – they want to know they’re booking a trip that is right for them, at the best possible price. Our Vacation Consultants take pride in making dream vacations come true for travelers in their community and the retail space provided by an Expedia Cruises franchise allows them to connect with clients on a more personal level.

4) Emergencies

No one likes to think that something could go wrong while they’re on vacation, but the fact is, stuff happens. Weather disruptions, political unrest, canceled flights, personal emergencies, the list goes on. At Expedia Cruises we understand the last thing you want to do on vacation is stress about how you will get to your destination, or get home safely. When you book your trip with one of our Vacation Consultants, you can rest assured that any and all emergencies will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. In cases of emergencies you won’t need to wait in long lineups or spend hours online stressing about finding a solution to your problem, your Expedia Cruises Vacation Consultant is just a phone call away and will organize everything you need. 

As the number of options for cruisers continues to increase with each new ship that enters the market, travel agents who specialize in cruise vacations are becoming more and more relevant. Travelers want to have peace of mind knowing that they have spent their hard earned vacation dollars wisely and by booking with a travel professional they can rest easy. They will take off carefree thanks to the expert advice they received selecting the best getaway for their needs to the added value of Expedia Extras and personalized service before, during and after their trip. The value of a travel agent, especially an Expedia Cruises Vacation Consultant, will keep customers coming back to book with our franchise locations again and again.

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